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Please Note :    Due to recent increase in orders please expect it to take approx 5 -7 Business days for your order to ship out our facility . California orders may take longer . We will strive to ship orders as Quickly as possible and do appreciate your patience during this busy time !

Massachusetts Customers ::  As of Wed 7/20/16 the Massachusetts Attorney General has issued a New "Directive" on "Assault Weapons"  and we will not be able to ship or sell to MA until we have further clarification of the new law . Please refrain from placing any orders shipping to your state at this time.

California Legal Tavor Barrel Extension and Mag Lock

California Legal Tavor Barrel Extension and Mag Lock to make your Tavor rifle over the 30" legal length. Please Click Image for more Details .



Manufacturer: NA

This listing is for Customers who are placing an order for a California Legal Rifle through Atlantic Firearms. Do not add this item to your shopping cart if you do not Have a rifle on order. Purchases with out an existing rifle order subject to cancellation.

California Legal Tavor Barrel Extension and Mag Lock to make your Tavor rifle with over the 30" legal length. 

Great Option for making your Tavor rifle over the Legal 30" Legnth with out making any Permanent modifications to your rifle. Once you Make your move away from California you can easily return your rifle back to its intended configuration.

It is required By California Law for your Semi Auto centerfire Rifle to be a Minimum of 30" in length, This Barrel Extension Replaces the stock muzzle brake giving the Tavor rifle the Extra Barrel length required .  Once installed the Tavor rifle will measure over 30" from the tip of the barrel to the rear of the receiver.  

The Mag Lock device allows our Tavor rifles to now be legally shipped to California due to the fact the magazine can not be easily removed. We install the device before your order ships out . You will need to manipulate the mag latch with a Mag Lock tool included, small screw driver or other device to remove the magazine. Please make sure you have communicated with your FFL transfer dealer exactly what you are buying. We will need the dealer to provide us with a copy of their FFL and CFID number so we can apply for the approval letter to send the shipment to CA.

This Magazine Lock has been designed to conform to the law as written in CA Penal Code § 12276.1 (a) which defined "detachable magazine" means any ammunition feeding device that can be removed readily from the firearm with neither disassembly of the firearm action nor use of a tool being required. Title 11 CCR § 5469 (a) “A Bullet or Ammunition cartridge is considered a tool.” 

Please Note :
This Barrel extension is NOT PERMANENT and
can be removed if you move out of the state. Some FFL dealers may not be comfortable with this so YOU need to discuss this with them before placing the order. If your dealer receives the gun and refuses the transfer YOU will be responsible for the return ship and a 20% re stocking fee so do your homework in advance !!!  . If you are adding this extension to a rifle on order through Atlantic Firearms YOU MUST CONTACT YOUR TRANSFER DEALER before ordering to make sure your dealer is  aware of the rifles configuration. If you would like to Have the Barrel Extension Permanently attached to the rifle Please add the TACK WELD option Located at the Bottom of this page . We will install a small weld under the front sight that will not allow the barrel extension to be removed . The Tack weld is a Permanent Modification and we cannot accept returns once the order is Complete.  Atlantic Firearms will not be held responsible for any misuse of this product. You must make sure your rifle will coincide with California Law

 Attention: Modification of a Firearm with a Mag Lock / Bullet Button may void the Manufacturers Factory Warranty. By choosing the option to modify the gun you acknowledge that it may void your Factory Warranty & will not hold Atlantic Firearms responsible for any warranty concerns. We will work with you to assist if you have a problem but do not offer repairs or returns all warranty work etc is handled by the original manufacturer .


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