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East German DDR AK47 Parts Kits

DDR AK47 Parts kit-East German AK are highly Collectible and very rare .Please click for more details .



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East German DDR AK47 Parts Kit

AK47 Parts Kit East German Military, 762 x 39 ,We do not see these very often and were able to obtain a small number of kits & they are highly collectible . The kits are NRA Rated Good to Very Good and feature Pebble Style rear Poly stock , poly upper hand guard & wood lower. Metal finish may show wear , Numbers may vary some may show sanitation or scrubbing Sorry no hand select offered. You will need a receiver , barrel rivets and other small parts to complete your build. We do offer a wide selection of AK47 Barrels to use with your AK Rifle build.

Please Note: Due to the vast differences in manufacturing specs & tolerances of surplus Warsaw pact style AK rifle kits, we cannot guarantee any specific size part (ex; trunnions,etc) with these kits. These kits are demilitarized from actual working guns and may show demilled markings. Parts  specs may vary from kit to kit(including trunnion size). Kits may also require additional fitting(ex:knurling, over-sized pin installation, minor welding, etc.) to complete your build. We cannot guarantee the fitment  of any parts due to the inherent variables associated with the AK format . Kits should be assembled by a skilled builder with knowledge of the Kalashnikov line and building practices.

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