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US Palm Body Armor Defender Black Mole

US Palm Body Armor Black Molle Defender Series Economical Front & Rear III-A Ballistic Protection. Quick to throw on in the middle of the night & affordable !!
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Manufacturer: US Palm

No longer are you scrambling to find all the essentials to defend yourself and your family in the middle of the night. In under 5 seconds you have your firearm, spare magazines, flashlight, cell phone, etc. Front & Rear  ballistic protection for vital areas from handgun threats up to  .44 magnum ! This product provides level 3 soft armor protection in the front & rear panels with optional pouches and pockets designed for your specific firearm. Several different models are available to suit your personal needs. So when  the boogie man is breaking into your house in the middle of the night you can quickly throw on your body armor vest already equipped with your favorite pistol or magazines .The Defender also functions as a plate carrier designed to hold rifle protection plates in both the front and rear if desired by the end user. The Defender provides exceptional  protection & utility in an all day comfortable package at an incredibly economic price.You can now afford great protection for your vital areas for $299.00 !!!  Defenders are also Newly made in the USA not imported used or possibly defective armor !


  • Material     500d Cordura nylon
  • Plate Size     Large  IIIA Soft Panel  10 x 12 for front & rear 


  • Drag Handle
  • Bar tacked seams
  • Adjustable waist belt and shoulder straps
  • Front and rear armor pockets
  • Bottom grommets for draining

*Magazines and other accessories not included

Other Notes Please Read :

While the armor package in this kit has been certified to withstand up to and including .44 magnum, it is up to the customer to determine the suitability of this product for use in their particular application and customer assumes all risks associated with such determination. Atlantic Firearms,llc and US PALM do not warranty this armor package for any particular purpose. These are legal in all states but limited to Law Enforcement or Military only for CT Residents. Purchaser is solely responsible for complying with all applicable local, state or Federal laws. It is a felony to use body armor in the commission of a crime.Body armor is intended for defensive applications .

We do not accept returns on body armor.

Ballistic threat levels and NIJ standards

nij chart

The US Palm Defender is Rated III-A

Threat Level 3A Velocity
Bullet Type Barrel FPS MPS
.22 Mag 40-GR SP 6.5" 1180 360
12 Gage "00" Buck 18"
9mm 147-GR Subsonic 5" 1050 319
9mm 147-Gr JHydraShok 5" 1050 319
9mm Cavim-FMJ 4" 1110 339
9mm 115-Gr JHP 4" 1160 354
9mm 95-Gr JSP 4" 1250 381
9mm 100-Gr JHP 4" 1250 381
9mm 124-Gr FMJ 4" 1090 332
9mm 116-Gr Norma FMJ 4" 1150 351
9mm 115-Gr Silvertip 5" 1170 355
9mm 124-Gr FMJ 5" 1175 358
9mm 115-Gr FMJ Israeli 4" 1200 366
9mm 123-Gr Lapau FMJ 4" 1200 366
9mm 123-Gr GECO FMC 4" 1200 366
9mm 116-GRFMJ Musgrve 5" 1230 374
9mm 116-Gr CanadianFMJ 4" 1250 381
9mm 115-Gr JHP+P 5" 1345 408
9mm 124-Gr FMC 9.5" 1400 427
.38 Spl 125-GrSJHP+P 6" 1028 314
.38 Spl 125-GRlead+P 6" 1090 332
.38 Spl 110-GrJHP+P 6" 1235 377
.357 Mag 158-GrJSP 4" 1250 381
.357 Mag 158-Grlead 4" 1250 381
.357 Mag 158-GrleadSWC 4" 1253 382
.357 Mag 158-Gr JSP 6" 1395 425
.357 Mag 158-Gr lead 8 3/8" 1410 430
.357 Mag 158-Gr JSP-Hor 6" 1445 441
.357 Mag 125-Gr JHP 4" 1450 442
.357 Mag 110-Gr JHP 4" 1550 473
10mm 200-Gr FJ-TC 5" 1075 327
10mm 170-Gr JHP 5" 1175 357
10mm 175-Gr Silvertip 5" 1225 372
.41 Mag 210-Gr lead 8 3/8" 1080 329
.41 Mag 210-Gr 4" 1300 397
.44 Mag 240-Gr JSP 4" 1180 360
.44 Mag 240-GrleadSWC 4" 1200 366
.44 Mag 240-GrSWC 6" 1400 427
.45 ACP 2300Gr FMJ 5" 810 247

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