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Saiga IZ 332 100 Series Russian AK47 Rifle

Saiga IZ 332 100 Series Russian AK47 Rifle , 762 X 39 Russian Import Please click on the item for more .



Manufacturer: AK47 Rifles

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Saiga IZ 332 100 Series  Russian AK47 Rifle 762 x 39 Semi auto rifle imported from Russia .The Saiga rifles are intended for hunting big and medium-sized game under different climatic conditions. The rifles are developed on the base of the venerable Russian Kalashnikov assault rifle and chambered for 7.62x39 . These rifles are brand new & come with 16 inch chrome lined barrels , side mount rail for mounting optics, 1 five round mag & all new construction in the famous Russian IZHMASH Arsenal. These are affordably priced Russian AK 47 rifles and are legal in most states with Assault  Weapon  Bans in place .They do not use standard AK mags but will work with the Sure fire 30 round hi cap magazines .

Original Russian Built Rifle
Chrome lined barrel
AK 74 style front sight block with 24 mm threads
Thread protector is welded on for import purposes but can be removed during conversion
Russian front hand guards, gas tube , gas block .
Great rifles for potential conversion or other upgrades.
Russian import markings .

California Customers.
We will be glad to ship this rifle to CA please make sure you have communicated with your ffl transfer dealer what you are ordering & iron out the transfer . The rifle is leagal in the current configuration for CA sales .

Please check out this brief You Tube Virtual Pictorial for more !!

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