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Things To Consider When Looking For The Ideal Concealed Carry Gun 

You have finally made the decision to carry concealed every day.  Or perhaps it's been a while since you obtained your carry license and you want to buy a serious carry gun.  No matter what your situation is, you definitely have a good reason for deciding to carry every day since the world continues to become increasingly dangerous.  

There can be a practically endless number of variables involved in choosing a concealed handgun. However, the following are five of the main considerations to help you find the ideal carry gun for you. 

1. Concealable

Let's begin with the most obvious thing: Concealability of the pistol you choose.  Although that might appear to be very straightforward, it may end up being quite challenging.  Of course, the way you carry will be unique to your daily habits and you.  It is essential to have a good carry system, which involves a holster or some other type of method.  However, the actual gun needs to lend itself to a practical concealment method.  

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The 9mm Luger - The Best Multifaceted Defensive Cartridge

Different cartridges are designed for various specific situations, but none can compare to the 9mm Luger when it comes to accuracy, power, and economy.

Over the years, the prices for handgun and ammunition have sored yet many still opt for the 9mm, which has turned into a crowd favorite.

The .40 and .45 are top contenders but often fall short when ranked alongside the 9mm. The .40 S&W suits police work and the .40 has a snappy recoil that is usually a negative element that makes some gun owner consider using other option, more so if the 9mm is on available. The 9mm does pack a mean punch, but even then, it does not take a giant to tame such power.

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Pros And Cons Of Purse Carry

In the recent years, an unprecedented number of concealed handguns have been bought by women for carrying along. In my personal opinion, this increase in the number of women buying and carrying concealed handguns is great for the public as well as personal safety. You don't have to go too far to see the effect of this increase. All the big city newspaper reports carry stories of how a good citizen with a gun in their hands prevented a violent crime. These stories are usually found in the inside pages. A gun in the hands of a would-be victim also prevents an untold number of crimes that are never reported. However, it does not mean that everyone, including women, understands the importance of carrying a firearm in a safe manner which still allows quick access in the time of need.

Purse Carry - It's Dangerous

The most common method that I have heard from women is purse carry, even for women who have been carrying a licensed firearm for many years. It's disappointing to hear this. One of the biggest reasons is that drawing a firearm from a purse is much slower as compared to other on-body locations. 

A deadly force encounter usually lasts for an average of five seconds. While women can draw the firearm from their purse in less than five seconds with practice and right equipment but how many women do you think are going to take time for practicing.

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5 Reasons Why A Red Dot Should Be Added To Your Rifle

On a majority of entry-level AR-15 rifles as well as some other firearms, iron sights have become standard equipment.  There are many benefits to iron sights.  In general, they adjust quickly and easily for elevation (front sight) and windage (rear sight), they are durable, and learning how to properly use them goes a very long ways towards becoming a competent marksman.

Despite being very practical, however, irons still do have some limitations.  The following are five reasons why you should think about your AR having a red dot added to it.

1. Target Acquired Faster

AR15 Scopes 

Shoulder your rifle, place the dot on the target, and then bang.  There is no front or rear sight alignment, and no mental reminder is necessary to stay focused on your front sight when the natural inclination is, of course, to look at your target.  That is the biggest advantage that the red dot offers. 

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3 Ammo Companies More Gun Owners Should Recognize

Most well-informed gun owners are quite familiar with the dominant names in the ammunition industry. Winchester, Federal, Hornady, Remington; the same big companies produce huge ranges of effective ammo for a variety of jobs. Their products easily cover hunting, self-defense, range shooting, and much more. But I've found that when you look at the full range of ammo for sale, you may stumble across some hidden gems of the ammunition market.

Ammo For Sale

At a recent gun writers' conference, I got more familiar with three of the industry's smaller players. I think these brands aren't as well-known as they deserve to be, and certain shooters will be extremely happy to find out about them.

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