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GPS tracking devices helps find what is important to you.  Using Global Position System(GPS) via satellite these pocket-sized devices allows the location of any object to be tracked at your own convenience.  Landairsea Systems' GPS trackers are highly accurate with 6ft radius of the location.  While tracking moving objects it collects detailed information such as:

  • landairsealogoSpeed
  • Address
  • Miles driven
  • Duration of stops
  • Total number of stops
  • Driving routes
  • Direction

When selecting a GPS tracking device that is right for you, be aware whether you need a real-time GPS tracker or a passive GPS tracker.  A real-time tracker allows the user receive alerts and track the location at anytime on either a mobile device or a computer.  With a passive GPS tracker the user must retrieve the device and download the tracking data into a computer to view where the GPS tracker was located historically.  The passive tracker is highly cost-effective with no monthly fees, but lacks the ability to track in real-time.

For over 15 years, LandAirSea Systems is leading GPS tracking manufacturer in the USA.  Landairsea GPS trackers has a user-friendly high-tech software, long battery life and high accuracy. Currently, it is used by many law enforcement agencies, fleet managers as well as concerned parents.

Landairsea products includes:

  • SilverCloud - The latest real-time GPS tracker ideal for intensive monitoring.
  • Tracking Key Pro - The ultimate passive GPS tracker.
  • Tracking Key - The classic best-selling passive GPS tracker.

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