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In the interest of the collector, Atlantic Firearms is willing to work with its customers in order to enable them to purchase the items they desire in a cost effective and timely manner. Due to already low profit margins Atlantic Firearms is able to work with its customers on a payment plan up to 45 days from purchase but we will do everything we can within that time frame to accommodate your purchase. Our general layaway terms are as follows:

  • No layaway on auction items.
  • No layaway on items less than $400.
  • All layaway orders must be paid for via Credit Card NO money order or checks.
  • 25% must be put down at time of purchase and the balance is due within 45 days , 45 days is the max time frame please do not ask to extend the time period NO Exceptions
  • It is the customers responsibility to log into their account & make the payments we will not contact you with reminder notices etc.
  • We reserve the right to refuse layaway on certain items
  • We do not offer changes or additions to the original layaway NO exceptions .
  • Overdue layaway's will be cancelled on the 46 th day , there will be no refund of original deposit or payments. Down payments are non-refundable.
  • It is the customers responsibility to make the final payment we will not contact you, if you fail to remit the final payment on the 45th day all payments will be lost and the layaway cancelled.
  • The layaway will lock in the current deal offered for the item at the time of the initial payment , if the price goes up you are locked in if the price goes down or other you are locked into the original order and will not be eligible for changes to the layaway  .Prices are subject to change.
  • Canceled layaway's will be subject to a 30 % cancellation fee , 30% of the original total price of the item NO exceptions.
  • By placing a layaway order you are agreeing to the above conditions and understand they will  NOT  be Modified.

To Place a Layaway order on the Web Site Please Follow these steps.

1.  Log into your account or create a new user account.
2.  Add the item or items to your shopping cart .
3.  In the lower left of your cart you will see the LAYAWAY button click on the button.
4 . This will open a new window with the Layaway instructions.
5.  Enter in your deposit amount and hit the Apply Deposit Button , the click Terms of Service & Checkout Tab.
6.  You can make future payments by logging into your account .These payments can be made multiple smaller amounts or one lump sum and will need to be completed within 45 days or less.



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