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Atlantic Firearms: Learn More About Gun Collecting

Posted on 15 Dec 2017
Atlantic Firearms: Learn More About Gun Collecting

An Introduction To Becoming A Gun Collector

The majority of those who become gun collectors begin simply by getting their first gun. If they were lucky enough to grow up in a family that regularly hunts, or in rural areas where target shooting is possible, then they likely got their first gun as a gift. Very often a child's first gun will be a .22 rifle or a shotgun.  Many children feel that when they got their first gun it was the first time that they were recognized by their parents as becoming an adult.

Those who did not receive a gun as a gift when they were children may have purchased their first pistol or revolver to protect themselves. Still, others may have gotten involved with using their first gun by being exposed to the sport of shooting. In addition to the ways covered that many come to own their first gun there are still others such as an heirloom that was passed down through the generations or even just the love of a particular movie such as a John Wayne movie or others, and the person develops a passion for the gun used in that movie. Finally, some will simply choose to buy their first gun just because they like the idea of having one.

Gun Collectors

When someone gets their first gun and they realize they have a passion for it, then it becomes like the old potato chip commercial where you can't eat just one. The gun owner may decide that they want to carry one with them for personal protection and yet they may want a different type of gun to carry for hunting, they may want a specialty gun for sports shooting and they may want a spare or backup weapon for any number of reasons.  As time passes and the gun owner realizes that they have several guns laying around they then begin to consider buying a gun safe.

Some collectors feel there is a difference between a passionate gun collector and one who simply accumulates weapons.  These collectors can often be snobbish in their ideas and opinions and think that those who simply accumulate weapons are not really collectors. They think that those who purchase rifles for sale on a whim don't understand the nature of gun collecting. Even so, it is my opinion that anyone who owns one or more guns that they don't actually need, then they are a gun collector.

There are certainly varying approaches to collecting guns. Some people want to purchase rifles for sale and other guns for different types of shooting scenarios or for reasons they imagine they might need different types of guns. They think they may want to travel to Alaska or even Africa to hunt big game so they may decide they want a .458 bolt action. This is just one example of why people buy guns anticipating what they might do one day.

Some collectors become fascinated by the different types of guns developed over time. For these collectors, they want the different styles such as flintlock, ignition, pinfire, percussion, etc. Other collectors become fascinated with the guns that were used throughout history and they may begin collecting guns from a particular era. It is common to see those collectors develop specialized interest such as collecting military weapons or competition guns and so on.

It is common for experts to tell new collector's to focus on a specialized area of gun collection. Because firearms and the types a person can buy are so varied, focusing on a specialized area can lead to a positive experience. A new collector can get lost if they have no centralized focus. Anyone who begins focusing on a particular type of firearm will soon become an expert on that particular type and this can lead to great enjoyment with the collection procurement. This expertise will make it easier when searching for bargains as the collector will be better equipped to recognize variations that are very scarce that others may miss.

A new gun collector needs to realize that although specialized gun collecting has its advantages, that generalized collecting is also very enjoyable and worth doing. Having a collection of guns that are of a great variety can be highly valuable. Very often the collection is more interesting to others than a collection that is focused only in a very specialized area.  Another advantage of this type of gun collecting is the fact that it is often easier to sell should the Collector decide to do so.

Regardless of whether you decide to collect a wide variety of different types of guns or to specialize in one particular type, it is simply a matter of getting started with the first one.  Once you get that first gun you begin to develop a feeling for what it is you like and want to do. The one word of caution is to know that once you get started it's a passion that will likely grow.

Read more about gun collecting on our blog. If you have any questions regarding your first gun purchase, please feel free to contact us or call Atlantic Firearms today.

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