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Posted on 06 Jun 2017

Romanian AIMS 74 Rifle 5.45x39 semi auto rifle. These rifles are built from Original Romanian AIMS 74 parts kits with a New US barrel, receiver & fire control. The AIMS 74 is a Rare and Unique variant of the AK 74 Rifle series, and highly coveted by Kalashnikov collectors. Some of the cool features are the Up swept charging handle, off set side folder stock, for better cheek weld, and, variation on the Russian muzzle brake in 22 mm. These rifles are carefully built by the experienced Atlantic Arms MFG build team. They have very nice rivets, Straight builds and are checked with a laser for canting. The  beautiful metal finish completes this uncommon, novel firearm, build by us for you.
Romanian AIMS 74 Rifle 5.45x39

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