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Finding A Suitable Ammunition For Better Home Security

Posted on 12 Jan 2018
Finding A Suitable Ammunition For Better Home Security

Defending Your Home: The Best Ammunition For Your Money

In another article, I discussed the layout I like best for home defense. I also covered why I have my weapons arranged in a certain order. For this piece, I decided to discuss how to pick out the best ammunition and also touch on what type of ammo I personally own.

When it comes down to it, I usually buy ammo that will make the most impact if I have to deploy my weapons.


I believe a shotgun is critically important to any home defense strategy. It is an excellent weapon that can help protect you if you are in a dangerous situation. I own a 12-gauge weapon that I keep over my nightstand. The ammunition I use for the shotgun is Winchester PDX1 shells.

There are a wide variety of shotguns on the market that are meant to be used as home defense weapons. As you think about what you want, you should consider how you are using the shotgun. If you believe it will normally be used at close range, go with a buckshot. If you need to shoot from a distance, consider a slug.


You don't have to have a firearms license for a shotgun. When it comes to ammunition, I favor the Winchester PDX1. There are three buck pellets that encircle a slug. The ammunition is very effective. Still, there are a lot of rounds on the market, so choose what is best for you.


If you want to defend yourself, you should go with hollow-point ammunition. Upon impact, jacketed hollow-point ammo expands. This is different than target ammunition. In layman's terms, hollow-point ammunition has the potential to affect more tissue, which means that it is more likely to inflict serious damage on an intruder. Hollow-point ammunition does cost more money, but if you truly want to defend yourself, it is what you need to buy.


When it comes to AR-15s, you have a number of different ammunition options. There is barrier blind ammo, hollow-point ammo, and full metal jacket ball ammo, for example. Barrier blind is the newest on the market and was therefore created with the latest technology. It seems to fulfill its intended purpose well.

Hollow point ammunition is also a good option. In general, hunting ammo works for home defense purposes as well.

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There are so many kinds of ammunition out there that you may not know where to begin. Keep in mind that the more propellant it has, the faster it will fly. That makes the ammunition deadlier. In addition, newer ammunition, like barrier blind ammo and jacketed hollow point ammo work very well. They expand on contact, which makes them more effective than full metal jacket range ammunition at harming an intruder. If you have a shotgun, it is best to go with buckshot. However, there is an option that has buckshot and a rifled slug in it.

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