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Recent blog posts

The Different AK Rifle Upgrades To Consider 

Below are some of the top functional and ergonomic AK upgrades that will allow you to take your treasured Kalashnikov rifle to another level.  By considering and using these upgrades you will prepare your AK47 for sale.

The AR is perceived by many individuals as the epitome of all customizable and modular weapon platforms.  Handguards, charging handles, triggers, safeties, stocks, grips, and the uppers - literally all parts of a rifle - can be swapped or exchanged without too much difficulty; in fact, manufacturers are able to produce dozens of parts for the same gun without problems.

On the other hand, it can be complicated to customize the AK47 gun and some of its varying models.  The aftermarket for significant upgrades to this gun with its components has always been restricted, and the rifle's unique design makes it less conducive to personalization.  The traditional AK rifle was developed during a period when the iron was a good product for all soldiers and when wood stocks were all that was needed.

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Things You Should Know About Hunting With Shotguns

A shotgun is a great tool in a hunter's arsenal. It can be far better for home defense than other guns due to its low-penetration. This also makes it great for beginners. When you take into account the range of shell types, you've got a gun that can be used for any kind of short-range game. 

Things You Can Hunt 

Shotguns are great for any game you have to flush out. This means nearly any bird, such as geese, ducks, doves, quails, and others. There's birdshot in both 20 or 12-gauge models, and you'll want that type of shell if you're hunting birds. The pellets spread wide quickly which allows them to hit birds as they try to flee. 

Shotguns can be used for any game that's known to flee quickly. Rabbits, squirrels, and other varmints can be shot with slightly larger shell, and buckshot helps you catch a big game before they get away. Shotguns can even reach a longer range by using slugs rather than shells. Slugs also give a larger penetration diameter, which helps you take down larger game. 

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The New Tavor X95 XB16

The Tavor X95 XB16 is the most recent Bullpup technology offered by IWI US.  These tactical shotguns online are available as 9mm conversion kits, .300 Blackout and 9mm, and are available in OD Green (XG16), FDE (XFD16), and Black.

When the original Tavor TAR-1 was first designed in the mid-1990s by the Israeli firearms manufacturer, they did in order to meet the weaponry needs for use in close quarter combat circumstances.  Soldiers needed to have a weapon they could use while they were clearing and maneuvering buildings and houses within urban environments, but that was still as reliable (or more so) as the AK or AR platforms.  The Tavor TAR-21 not only presented a shorter profile compared to the traditional ARs, but they also featured a modular and ambidextrous platform.  Whether the shooters were right handed or left handed didn't really matter.  It was possible to configure the Tavor to fit each individual shooter's exact needs.  The Tavor platform today is one of the most common weapons systems used by current1 Elite Special Force Units.   

After it was allowed for the Tavor to be available to civilians, they started to ship them to the U.S. with the SAR designation.  Since that time, a following has evolved of bullpup shooters that turned the world upside down for the weekend warriors. 

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AK-74 Versus AK-47 

Both the AK-74 and AK-47 were designed by Mikhail Kalashnikov and are Russian-made assault rifles. The AK refers to Kalashnikov (K) and automatic (A) rifles with the numbers referring to the year they were designed (1974 and 1947).  The Soviet Union started to replace the AKM and AK-47 rifles in 1978 with the newer AK-74 design.  

Design Comparison 

New features on the AK-74 include the gas cylinder, handguard, and stock.  There is a different shoulder pad on the stock that is rubber and serrated to increase the traction.  On either side of the rifle's buttstock, there are lightening cuts to reduce weight. 

There is a spring washer on the gas tube of the AK-74 that is attached to the rear and designed to more securely retain its gas tube.  There is a leaf spring fitted to the lower handguard to reduce the play of the lateral axis of the rifle by maintaining the wood tension in between the handguard retainer and receiver.  There is a glossy black enamel coating on all of the external metal surfaces. 

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Properly Zero A Rifle With The Following Steps

Whether you are planning an enjoyable day out at the range or are going hunting, you will want to be able to hit what you are aiming for, so the initial step that you want to take is to ensure that your rifle is zeroed properly.  Taking the following steps is how you can do exactly that:

1. Put it on Paper

If you think of your rifle as your old friend, you might have handled this step a long time ago, however, if you have changed scopes or if it's a new rifle, then getting the rifle on paper is the very first thing that you need to do.  To do that, you need to get your scope (or sights) and barrel roughly into alignment.  A laser bore sighter or collimator will allow you to quickly do that, and those devices are the only real option for actions (pumps, levers, and semi-autos) where it isn't possible to look down the gun's barrel from its breach.   

With single-shots and bolt-actions, usually, I am able to use boresighting to achieve rough alignment. Remove the bolt, or open the action on a single shot and set your rifle in a steady and solid rest.  Put a short-range target up - 50 or 25 yards. The best bet for this is probably a bull's eye target since it is easier aligning the round view via the barrel. Line your barrel up on the target and be sure that it is steady.  Next, look through the sights or scope.  Use the adjustments to move the sights or scope until you see the same "picture" that you see through the barrel.  

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