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B&T Pistol Stock / Brace Adapter for P26 & TP9 Pistols

B&T Pistol Stock/Brace Adapter for P26 & TP9 Pistols.Click Image for Details
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Manufacturer: Atlantic Arms MFG

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B&T Pistol Stock/Brace Adapter by Atlantic Arms MFG, this item will easily install on the rear of your TP9 or P26 pistol and allow you to mount a stock or arm brace via AR15 tube mount . With this system you can install it as a fixed stock or add the optional side folder hinge . The 2 slots in the Pig Nose Tube adapter allow you to adjust vertically providing a better cheek weld for optics vs iron sights.  This item makes it easy to install the Pistol Stabilizing brace or a Stock Set for a NFA Registered SBR . There are multiple SB Tactical Brace options and other Stock options that will work with this system.

Listing is for pistol brace adapter and pig nose only. The Folding hinge, Brace, Pistol, Optic and all other accessories not included.

If you want to mount a Arm Brace you would need a AR15 Pistol tube & castle nut , If you would like to install a AR15 style stock you will need a Rifle tube and castle nut. You can also remove the Pig Nose Tube adapter and install an ACE Modular Skeleton Stock. Below are just a few of the stock options that will work with this system .

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