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Adams Arms AR15 Gas Piston Conversion Kit

The Adams Arms gas piston conversion is a complete retrofitting kit that brings a standard AR-15 rifle into the 21st century by replacing its dirty direct gas impingement operating system with a cooler, cleaner, short-stroke gas piston design. With the piston conversion installed, hot combustion gases are kept out of the upper receiver and vented forward, resulting in a gun that remains cleaner and cooler during operation for increased reliability and decreased maintenance.
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Manufacturer: Smith&Wesson

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Adams Arms Gas Piston Kit for Carbine Length Rifles 16 inch barrel M4 style handguards

16" Carbine Length Piston, .750 Barrel Diameter (standard M4), Use Your Own Bolt Carrier(only switch the gas key), Manufactured by Adams Arms .

Makes Rifle Run Cooler & Cleaner With Less Felt Recoil !!! Less prone to failures due to dirty gas system like standard AR15 rifles.

Kit has everything you need to replace the standard gas system in your AR-15 and convert it to a reliable, positive-cycling, gas piston system. Eliminates venting of hot gases and powder residue into the bolt carrier and receiver for reduced fouling and less wear on the action. Feeds more smoothly, maintenance is easier, and the gun runs cooler, too. Short-stroke piston shaft eliminates concussive gas expansion in the upper receiver for less violent cycling and reduced felt recoil. Easy to adjust for three levels of gas release: normal fire, firing with a suppressor attached, or a single round fired without cycling. Picatinny rail on the gas block provides mounting space for a variety of front sights. Installation requires removal of original gas block, but no permanent alterations to barrel or upper receiver. Remove the piston system at any time and reinstall the original parts. Replacement handguard provides extra internal clearance for piston rod and has internal shield to protect your hand from heat buildup during sustained fire.  (standard M4-style plastic handguard also included).

 -This item is new old stock, from approximately 2009

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