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Chinese Type 56 SKS 7.62x39mm

Chinese Type 56 SKS Original military issue rifles in 7.62x39 caliber with 10 round built in mag, Click Image for More details
SKS Rifle Chinese Type 56SKS Rifle Chinese Type 56



Manufacturer: AK47 Rifles

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Sorry but we are sold out of this item , you can find our current listing for SKS rifles HERE at the link below 
Original military issue Chinese Type 56 SKS rifles in 7.62x39 caliber with 10 round built in mag, featuring hardwood stock, folding blade bayonet and milled components. They  have seen active combat so they are in Used condition NRA rated  Fair to Good keep in mind these are Military Surplus not trophy rifles . Stock sets may have dings & gouges , trench art or minor cracks but all will be solid & serviceable just not pretty .Metal parts may have bluing worn off and rough stocks but they  will have good bores and are functioning rifles. We have not seen these rifles in  the country for the last 20 or more years & may not come with cleaning rod. Overall these are cool and collectible Chinese SKS rifles with a lot of history behind them and a  great addition to any collection. If you are looking for a Chicom SKS with battle Character & Flavor this will fit your needs and have been very popular with Vietnam war collectors and reenactors. These rifles have been in storage for several years and will be coated in Cosmoline for protection we can not guarantee numbers or markings on the rifles they may vary.
If you hold a C & R ffl we can ship these to you.
Pictures listed are taken of a average rifle condition may vary slightly but would be as described in the above description or better .
Graded NRA Fair to Good  Please Feel Free to view the NRA Grade Guide to Antique Firearms for more .
The item is Surplus and there is no warranty expressed or implied .


From Wiki:

Chinese Type 56 (1956–): Numerous minor tweaks, including lack of milling on the bolt carrier, partially or fully stamped (as opposed to milled) receivers, and differing types of thumb rest on the take down lever. The Chinese continually revised the SKS manufacturing process, so variation can be seen even between two examples from the same factory.

All of the Type 56 carbine rifles have been removed from military service, except a few being used for ceremonial purposes and by local Chinese Militias. Type 56 carbines with serial numbers below 9,000,000 have the Russian-style blade-type folding bayonet, while those 9,000,000 and higher have a "spike" type folding bayonet.


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