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Vepr 12 Gauge Shotgun w/ Wood Buttstock

Russian Vepr 12 shotgun with wood Buttstock VEPR12-11. Click image for detail.

This semi-auto shotgun is imported in its original configuration directly from the Molot factory in Russia. The Vepr 12 is a semi-automatic shotgun designed for self-defense, hunting, and 3-gun competitions. Based on the RPK standard, the Vepr 12 shares the same legendary characteristics of extreme reliability in harsh conditions as the RPK.

The fire control group allows for semi-automatic shooting and the safety is an improved version of the standard AK safety selector (No ambi safety; no one-finger operation). Additional features include: The ability to insert magazines straight into the magazine well (AR style) without the need to cant the magazine (AK style); RPK style Windage adjustable rear sights; Windage and elevation adjustable front sights integrated to the gas block; Picatinny rail on top cover (no side scope rail); Removable thread protector; and chrome lined chamber, barrel, gas block, and bolt carrier operation rod for increased corrosion and wear resistance.  Covered under a 1 year  Warranty

Caliber: 12-gauge
Chamber: 3” / 76 mm
Total Length: 42 in / 1070 mm
Barrel Length: 19 in / 483 mm
Weight w/o Magazine: 9.7 lbs / 4.4 kg
Magazine: Removable box 5 rounds

 one year warranty will be processed through a US Based service center if you encounter a problem please feel free to contact our office we will be glad to assist .

Please Note: Optic and 8 round magazine in photos NOT INCLUDED

It is your responsibility to be familiar with your current local gun laws BEFORE placing your order. Please feel free to email us with questions you may have.

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