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M35 A3 Military Truck

M35 A3 Military truck 1993 with only 4,300 miles the truck runs fantastic starts up in cold weather with ease.

M35 A3 Military truck 1993 with only 4,300 miles the truck runs fantastic starts up in cold weather with ease. These M35 A3 trucks are a vast improvements over the OLD Style Deuce trucks and the M35A3 drives like a Cadillac not a bulldozer. They have Caterpillar Turbo Diesel engines, Automatic Transmissions and Power Steering . They also have Michelin Radial tires for a much smoother ride than the older Non direction military tires. You can actually drive the truck down the road rather than fighting the truck to drive down the road ! These trucks came out of a Military Depot and fluids have been checked over by our crew. All trucks are driven down the road for a few hours to see make sure they are running good and can be driven home. They feature front mount Winch , Removable Top for those days at the Beach, Heaters, Seat belts ,Suspension Driver Seat , Michelin Radial Tires with good tread ,Air Assist w/ Hydraulic Brakes, Fold down troop seats and more.

The M35A3 series is easy to work on and parts are readily available some can be picked up at the local parts store or Caterpillar dealer. You do not need a special CDL license to drive the truck . These trucks are in great running & mechanical condition and are started & ran weekly here to maintain their health. Paint is faded and certain areas will show surface rust where the paint is starting to flake off as normal. CTIS systems on the M35 A3 series of trucks are notorious for not working well and have been disabled. You are welcome to drive the truck home or you can arrange to have it picked up and delivered shipping is not included in the price. The truck has a clear Maryland Title for ease of transfer to your state.

Cash Price $10,500.00

The M35A3 2 1/2 Ton Truck. The M35A3 cargo truck is used for transporting troops or heavy loads. This truck is an improvement over the OLD Style M35A2. The M35A3 has a new Caterpillar Turbo Diesel engine and Allison automatic transmission, and rebuilt transfer case and axles. Other new subsystems include new cooling, exhaust, air intake, split-brakes, fuel, electrical, power-assist steering, driver’s seatbelt, super-single tires with two-piece wheels with radial tires .The M35A3 has improved mobility and can traverse all types of roads and cross-country terrain in extreme high or low temperatures and humidity. The trucks are capable of fording hard-bottom water crossings up to 30 inches (76 centimeters) without a deepwater fording kit, and 72 inches (183 centimeters) with the fording kit. Front lifting shackles and vehicle tiedown brackets provide a means of lifting and securing the truck during transport. There is no warranty expressed or implied for surplus materials.

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