MP5 K Brace/ Stock Adapter

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MP5 K Brace/ Stock Adapter Features


This listing includes the K style 2 pin butt plate and the pig nose. Three mounting points on the rear of the cap allow you to adjust the height of the check weld, this is further enhanced by the two slots in the pig nose adapter allowing fine tuning. This will work well to mount a Arm Brace, AR15 style stock or remove the Pig nose and install a ACE Style folding hinge and stock.

This Butt Plate only works with a True K Pistol End Cap with double pin and will NOT work with a reverse stretch K Pistol or Full size Pistols With Single pin Style end cap. Please make sure you have the correct butt plate required for your end cap before purchasing  

Please Note : A  4 mm Allen wrench will be necessary to adjust or install  the stock to the desired height on the buttcap.

Please Note : Due to differences in specs in various K models and manufacturers you may see minor variations on the dimensions of the receivers. Fitting may be required to allow the butt cap to easily fit your gun. This can typically easily be done by using a Dremmel tool or file and sandpaper.

This Listing is for the K style butt plate and pig nose adapter. You will need to add your own brace or purchase one of ours.

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