AK Pistol Adapter Type 4-Stormwerkz

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AK Pistol Adapter Type 4-Stormwerkz features

  • For AK pistols, examples: Romanian Dracos, Chiappa PAK-9, WBP Lynx pistols as well as others with square back receivers.
  • Anti-rotation tabs on either side of adapter keep it locked in place.
  • StormWerkz AK Pistol Adapter Type 4 is designed to work with AR-15 type stocks(All NFA laws apply) and pistol braces
  • This adapter is installed by drilling a single hole and through bolting to the type 4 adapter. No tapping required.
  • This listing is for the Type 4 Adapter only, braces,stocks and other parts are sold separately.

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Install guide shown below:

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