AK47 Barrel Nitride Treated 4150

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AK 47 Barrel 4150 CMV Steel AK47 Rifle Nitride Treated , New US 762 X 39 Barrel, Threaded with Gas Port a great choice for your AK47 Kit build. ATLANTIC ARMS MFG, These are made with the same Military Spec Steel and the US Army's AR15 rifle platform for accuracy & long service life .

 Nitride Treated Barrels provide a very hard surface with excellent corrosion resistance. Nitriding has advantages in that it is a treatment of the steel itself instead of a secondary material which is added to the surface like chrome, this method offers superior corrosion resistance and accuracy then Chrome Lined Barrels

 Nitride Heat Treating  . During the process both nitrogen and carbon are liberated at the surface of the ferrous component. These nitrogen and carbon atoms form a compound layer at the surface and a deep diffusion zone beneath the surface. The compound layer provides lubricating properties to the surface and are extremely useful in areas where use of conventional lubricants are ineffective. Nitride Heat Treating Eliminates the need for chrome lining on Rifle Barrels. The barrier formed by this process is far better than any chrome lining process. The resulting barrier on  the lining of the barrel at end result is .001 in thickness. Improves accuracy and eases the cleaning process.

Please Note: Due to the vast differences in manufacturing specs & tolerances of surplus Warsaw pact style AK rifle kits you may find spec differences with trunnions etc  . Kits may also require additional fitting (ex:knurling, over-sized pin installation, minor welding, etc.) to complete your build & is common with AK builds .. We cannot guarantee the fitment of any parts due to the inherent variables associated with the AK format . Kits should be assembled by a skilled builder with knowledge of the Kalashnikov line and building practices. We can assure you that we use these barrels with several AK builds for our firm with no issues .

These barrels are designed to work with most European-block Stamped AK Rifles IE, Polish & Romanian, these are not for Milled kits or Yugo kits , If you are not sure if it will work with your kit please email before placing a order .

  • Made From 4150 Steel
  • Nitride Treated
  • Extractor is cut
  • Gas Port Drilled
  • Rifling: 1 in 10 twist 6 groove
  • Hand guard Retainer slots are cut
  • 14x1 Left Hand threaded for all standard AK muzzle breaks

Outer Dimensions:

  • Chamber: 23mm
  • Rear sight base: 17.5mm
  • Handguard retainer: 17mm
  • Gas block: 15mm
  • Front sight base: 14.55mm
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