B&T GHM9 Stock conversion kit

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B&T GHM9 Stock conversion kit features

  • Converts the Telescopic Brace into a Telescopic Stock(All NFA laws apply)
  • B&T stock conversion kit for B&T part numbers BT-20517 / BT-20527 telescopic braces. - for GHM9/GHM45/KH9 
  • B&T Part # BT-20546

If you have purchased the B&T telescpoing brace with tailhook MOD 1, then this is what you want when your receive your approved form 1 from BATFE. This part mounts to the telescoping section from that same brace setup B&T GHM9 BRACE ADAPTER W/ TAILHOOK so you just remove the Tailhook MOD 1 and install this. 

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