Bulgarian AK 74 Parts kit wood with Barrel and side folding stock

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Bulgarian AK-74 parts kit in NRA good to very good w/ all matching numbers 5 .45 x 39  They have the Original Military folder  stock and trunion is milled to accept the proper pieces . These kits are rare kits and we have not seen many of these on the market. Comes with all major parts and Bayonet, sling, magazine pouch, oiler, and cleaning kit!  It is possible theses accessories could vary in country of origin due to a mixture of items we received from the importer . Please note parts and stock sets are demilled and shipped together they may show scuffs or handling / shipping marks.

Comes with all major parts Including AK 74  US Chrome Line Barrel does not include reciever 

Please Note: Due to the vast differences in manufacturing specs & tolerances of surplus Warsaw pact style AK rifle kits, we cannot guarantee any specific size part (ex; trunnions,etc) with these kits. These kits are demilitarized from actual working guns and may show demilled markings. Parts  specs may vary from kit to kit(including trunnion size). Kits may also require additional fitting(ex:knurling, over-sized pin installation, minor welding, etc.) to complete your build. We cannot guarantee the fitment  of any parts due to the inherent variables associated with the AK format . Kits should be assembled by a skilled builder with knowledge of the Kalashnikov line and building practices.   Small kit parts like pins , rivets ,springs may not come with package.  Metal Side folding stock style may Vary. 





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