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BulletSafe Bulletproof Vest

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BulletSafe Bulletproof Vest Features

A Great Bulletproof Vest at an Unbelievable Price. The BulletSafe Vest offers level IIIA (3A) protection.  NIJ Level IIIA is enough protection will stop handgun rounds up to a .44 Magnum!  BulletSafe offers you a great bulletproof vest at an unbelievable price.  Level IIIA (3A) is typically the highest level of protection you will find in soft armor.

These vest will protect you from everything from a BB gun to a .44 magnum as is without any strike plates added.

With the pockets in the front and back, you will be able to add your favorite 10" x 12" strike plate for an added level of protection.

Your bulletproof vest needs to fit in one main areas: around your navel. The length of the vest is not important as you can use the shoulder straps to adjust it, only be concerned with diameter of your midsection. If you are a thin man with a large belly try to order at the top of your size range so that you can fasten the vest around your mid-section. If you are a competitive cyclist with large legs and a slender waist, order at the bottom of your size range. 



 Please Note : Shipping will be a flat rate of $20.00 in the lower 47 states (can not ship to Connecticut) and will automatically be added to the order during check out .

NO Returns on Body Armor

Totally Legal in 49 states however we can not sell or ship to the state of Connecticut, all others states are legal. Purchaser is solely responsible for complying with all applicable local, state or Federal laws. It is a felony to use body armor in the commission of a crime. Body armor is intended for defensive applications .



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