Colt M16A1 Rifle Parts Kit- Vietnam Style

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    Colt AR-15/ M16 Rifle- .223/5.56 30-Round Aluminum Magazine-Surplus - $17.99
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COLT M16 Rifle Parts Kit Features 


  • Original Colt M16A1 Rifle Parts Kit
  • Military surplus rated NRA Good condition
  • Does include Bolt and carrier 
  • Does not include full auto sear, disconnector, and bolt catch detent

Original Colt M16A1 Rifle Kits with that nostalgic Vietnam War era look and feel can be used to transform your existing semi auto AR-15 rifle into a vintage looking M16. You can also use these to build up a new semi auto AR15 rifle that looks like it is almost 50 years old. Kit will not include full auto, sear disconnector, and bolt catch detent. These parts are military surplus rated NRA Good or better condition. Kits will show usage they are surplus . 

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