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Definitive Arms DAK-74 Fixed Stock Rifle Bakelite Style

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This is a limited Run and will not be offered again due to a lack of AK74 parts kits .The  DAK-74 B Rifle is built by Definitive Arms and designed to be high quality AK series rifle with features you may find in rifles made by Rifle Dynamics and Krebs Custom.  These rifles are built from the ground up to be straight & accurate shooters with attention to detail.  Built with Atlantic Firearms Exclusive Bakelite Style Stock Set for a unique look .  Please take a moment to review the list of features below. Comes with 1-30 round  Black mag , type of mag may vary. 

DAK-74 Specs
    -Built with original military grade Bulgarian parts kits.
    -All crucial components thoroughly inspected and measured for proper tolerances.
    -Parts are detail stripped and completely refurbished via tumbling, blasting, acid etching to remove any rust/scale, and cleaned up and/or reshaped to like new condition.
    -Each rifle is built one to one with excellent craftsmanship and exacting standards that exceed the requirements of original military grade AKs produced for hard use.
    -Every rivet on the rifle is pressed individually to exacting tonnage on a gauged press, utilizing proper dimpling of the receivers and swell neck rivets.
    -All original pin holes are oversize drilled and reamed while fixtured in a bridgeport for exacting fit with tool ground pins.
    -Barrels are 4150 CMV  & Nitrided treated for a lifetime of hard use.
    -Properly head spaced with Go-Gauge, No-Go-Gauge, Field-Gauge, and live cartridges for reliable use.
    -Original Bulgarian  74 muzzle brake comes standard on each rifle.
    -24mm threaded and plunger equipped front sight block allows for use of standard 24mm devices on this AK.
    -Front Sight Block and Gas Block trued to the action and aligned with the bore.
    -Side rail for use of standard AK side mounted optics.
    -Chambers are beveled and polished.
    -Extractor claws polished.
    -Rails are stoned and polished for smooth carrier cycling.
    -G2 Fire control groups.
    -Atlantic Firearms Exclusive Bakelite Style Stock Set
    -Receivers and trigger guards lightly dehorned.
    -Magwell opening beveled for faster reloads.
    -Checked for function with an assortment of standard AK mags, Polish Tantal mags, and Circle 10 Mags.
    -All components refinished in our Definitive Arms Black Parkerization.
    -Customer Satisfaction guaranteed by Definitive Arms.

Shown With Aimpoint optic, RS Mount, bakelite mag and bayonet, these are for pictures only ( Not Included)


California Customers :  We will be glad to ship this item to CA. You will need to purchase a Grip wrap for our staff to install. Please discuss the purchase as well as all details with your transfer dealer before ordering. Please add the rifle to your cart and then add the AK47 Kydex Grip Wrap to your cart , this is also listed at the bottom of this page and will need to be purchased before we can finish processing your order. 


PLEASE NOTE: If you live in a magazine restricted state we remove the hi cap mag and will be glad to substitute with a 10 round mag IF AVAILABLE. If a 10 round mag is not available we will remove the hi cap magazine from the shipment.

It is your responsibility to be familiar with your current local gun laws BEFORE placing your order. Please feel free to email us with questions you may have.

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