HK MP5 Ejector /HK94, 9mm

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MANUFACTURER: Heckler & Koch
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HK MP5 Ejector /HK94, 9mm features

  • MP5, 94 & MP5K, SP-89 Factory German 9mm Ejector Lever Latest Generation
  • Fits all of the HK 9mm variants
  • most popular & cost-effective upgrades to your HK

The latest & greatest 3rd generation German HK 9mm ejector lever. Fits all of the HK 9mm variants, stamped, formed, heat treated, secondary machined & hardened properly to stand a lifetime of hard use. The German latest generation ejector has all of the upgrades and improvements made since the MP5 was introduced over 50 years ago. The ejector is a common weak link and reason for failure in many clones and cheaply made contract firearms that use an inferior 1st generation or out of spec ejector levers.

Only HK Germany made a 2nd or 3rd Gen ejector lever everything else on the market is the older 1st generation design. This is one of the most popular & cost-effective upgrades to your HK or clone that you can do.

Fits All of the following 9mm firearms:

MP5, 94
MP5K, SP89, SP5K
HK MP5, MP5K style clones & custom builds
The best upgrade part available for your HK 9mm firearm. Invest in the utmost in reliability!

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