JMAC CUSTOMS RRD-4C 26mmLH Muzzle Brake/Compensator

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JMAC Customs RRD-4C 26mmLH muzzle brake/compensator

JMac Customs RRD-4C 26mmLH is a lightweight Muzzle Brake Compensator that not only reduces recoil by 20% and virtually eliminates muzzle rise but also REDUCES FLASH*! This one of a kind combination device gives you control over your firearm like you've never had before while only adding 1.5" in length and 3 oz in weight!


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Product Specs;

    Material: Military Grade 17-4PH Stainless Steel
    Length: OAL 2.5"(63.5mm), Added length 1.5" (38.1mm)
    Weight: 3.70 oz
    Finish: Matte Black Nitride
    Caliber: .360" bore will work with 5.56x45 and 7.62x39
    Manufactured in the US and counts as 1 922r compliance part


    M92 (PAP) Pistol and Carbine
    M85 (PAP) Pistol and Carbine

Since the release of the original RRD-4, we have been tweaking the design to improve muzzle control and reduce weight. The RRD-4C has cut-outs on the top sides to allow gas to vent upwards in turn forcing the barrel downwards and virtually eliminating muzzle rise with an extremely low flash signature!

* Reduces flash on barrels 11" and longer


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