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M14 / M1A Rifle by James River Armory


For many years this outstanding weapon has been difficult to attain. Competitors, Collectors and History Buffs have coveted this rifle as an addition to their collection.

Recently the U.S. Military has been re-issuing this fine battle rifle for use in Iraq and Afghanistan. They have been un-crating the few remaining M14's in their possession and getting them into the hands of snipers and select troops on the battlefield in the Middle East.

James River Armory is now proud to announce their line of  High Quality M14 rifles .These rifles are based on original GI rifle parts with a proper mixture of new high quality US parts . This recipe of quality parts and James Rivers expert builds has yielded a beautiful & accurate rifle platform.

The rifles come with 1 - 20 round mag , rifle hard case and backed up by a 1 year Armory warranty. The rifle shoots 7.62mm semi  auto .

Please note these rifles are on  limited time sale at this time for $1,999.00 , once the shipment is sold out the price will return to $2,195.00

   This is the closest production Semi Auto Civilian M14 to the USGI M14 ever produced.

 2  Receiver is Forged and fully machined in Cleveland using original TRW prints and with the assistance of a retired TRW production manager who manufactured the original M14’s in the early 1960’s.

 3  Criterion Chrome lined NM barrel. There is no better made or higher quality standard GI contour barrel made. The Best!

 4  New production forged bolt.

 5 All other parts are excellent condition, refinished USGI. When these run out we are setting up manufacture in the US for the needed components. No Shortcuts!

 6 Professionally refinished excellent condition USGI walnut or heavy birch stock. These look new.

 7  Dummy selector lock to fill the stock “hole” customer can epoxy into stock. Gives “GI” appearance to rifle.

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