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The MD Arms Saiga Booster Piston is the first of it's kind.  It is the only Saiga piston available that will greatly increase the cycling power of your 12, 20 or .410 gauge Saiga shotgun when using cheap low power ammo.  It is a great piston for use during the break-in period of your gun as well as off setting the added weight to the carrier from a galil charging handle, enlarged bolt-on handle, or heavy duty operating rod.  Good for competition shooters that want to ensure a stronger ejection from low power ammo as well.  The piston is coated in a very high temperature diamondized coating for wear and corrosion resistance. It also features a concave ring in the face to reduce gas loss around the piston during pressurization which makes it slightly more efficient than the factory part on top of the Booster Piston's already significant increase to cycling power.  The Booster piston is stamped "MD Arms" and counts as one US made 922 compliance part.


PLEASE NOTE:   The Booster piston is not recommended for use with high power ammo unless you have replaced the factory gas plug with the MD Arms V-Plug.  Using high powered ammo in combination with the Booster Piston and the factory gas plug will over work the system.  Also please note that although the increase in cycling power is significant it is still not enough to account for a missing gas port in your Saiga.

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