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Polish AK-47 Bayonet-Type 1-6H3-Orange Bakelite


Polish AK-47 Bayonet-Type 1-6H3-Orange Bakelite


These Polish 6H3 Type 1 bayonets are NRA rated fair to good and will show signs of storage and handling wear. All bayonets have Orange Bakelite handles and will come complete with bayonet and scabbard. These bayonets may or may not include hanger, insulator(frog), and pommel strap. Bakelite color may vary from pictures but the item will still be orange bakelite. No special requests. The Polish 6H3 is an excellent example of the type 1 bayonet and would make a great additional to anyone's collection.


These are made in Poland at the Radom Factory and these are military surplus. These are a great fit for your favorite AKM or AK47 with a Bayonet Lug.


Brief historical/technical data:


The 6H3 bayonet was made for use with the karabinek AKM (kbk AKM), a Polish variant of the 7.62x39 mm. Kalashnikov AKM assault rifle adopted ca. 1965. A copy of the Russian 6X3 bayonet, the 6H3 differs by the absence of saw teeth on the blade spine. The polymer grip on the 6H3 can be either brown, orange, black, or reddish black in color and, the tooled tan leather retention strap has a sewn loop vs. other AK 47 bayonet s which secure the retention strap loop with a steel rivet or buckle. The stitching is in an hourglass pattern. Generally the 6H3 bayonet is found to be more rare bayonet than the more commonly encountered Polish 6H4 (AKM Type II) bayonet. 

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