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Robinson Arms XCR Modular Weapons System

MANUFACTURER: Robinson Armament Co.
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XCR SPECIFICATIONS (16" barrel with Folding Stock)

 Caliber:     5.56 NATO (.223 Rem.); 6.8 SPC; and 7.62x39mm

Action:  Semi-Automatic or Select-Fire (Govt. & LE Only), Gas Operated, Piston Driven.  Designed to require little cleaning.

Bolt:   Proprietary three-lug.  Locks into extension of barrel so no headspacing is required when changing barrels.

Extractor:  Proprietary extractor and spring.  Extremely reliable and durable.

Ejector:  Solid AK47 type.  The ejection direction is Forward and low, 2 O'clock direction.

Lower Receiver:  Serialized Part which holds fire control parts, buttstock, magazine and upper receiver.

Upper Receiver:  A Major part which holds, bolt carrier, charging handle, and gas system.

Barrel:  16.02" Long, Chrome-Lined; 1 in 9" Twist

Muzzle Attachments:  M16A2 Flash Hider.  Others available shortly.

Gas Adjustment:  4 Position

Charging Handle:  Non-reciprocating on Left side of Upper Receiver.  Charging handle knob contains forward assist.
Overall length:  37.75" (Stock Extended); 27.4" (Stock Folded)

Weight Empty:  7.5 lbs.

Trigger:  Two-Stage Trigger (We can provide single-stage triggers for government and LE agencies requiring such triggers.)

12 O'clock Position (Top) Rail:  1913 Standard Picatinny Rail, 17" Long

3, 6, and 9 O'clock Position Rails:  1913 Standard Picatinny Rails, 8" Long

Sights:  Any front and rear sight made to go on 1913 Standard Rails. 

Sight Radius:  Depends on front and rear sight type and placement.  Typically 15" to 16.5".  Gas block on barrel is also machined with dove tail to accept other sights.  Sight radius can be increased by attaching sight to the gas block.

Magazines:  Accepts most M16 magazines and drums.

Scope Mounting:  1913 Standard Rail.


XCR with folding stock $1,449.00  Light ,  limited inventory due to high demand
XCR with folding stock $1,499.00  Heavy  , limited inventory due to high demand
XCR with folding stock $1,679.00  762 X 39 Heavy , limited inventory due to high demand

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