Galil Pistol Brace SB Tactical

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New Galil Style model, No Tax Stamp Required! Innovation & Added Functionality!  Great New look and Sleek design for 2016.  Fits AR15 style buffer tubes and can be mounted on a wide variety of pistols increasing Accuracy & Safety !!

The SB Tactical Galil stabilizing brace is an awesome invention that secures buffer tube equipped pistols to the forearm of the shooter and assists in firing the pistol with one hand or from the cheek . Using the SB Galil  in this way recoil is reduced significantly, resulting in more accurate shooting without compromising safety, comfort or control. Designed and made by a U.S. Military veteran with help from a top V.A. prosthetic specialist, the intent and design of the stabilizing brace is to help America's wounded veterans enjoy large frame handgun shooting again. The concept was to invent and create a device that would act as an extension of one's own arm, so it is like a part of your body. Well the SB Tactical did that - and more! Not only did it help our wounded heroes regain their confidence and handgun skills, it was wicked fun for anyone to use! BATF approved for everybody, the SB Tactical Galil Brace does not require any special permits, doctors notes or SBR tax stamp! Will fit Pistols with a Buffer tube or Pistol brace tube already installed

 Listing is For SB Tactical Galil stabilizing brace Only, Pistol or Brace Tube Not Included . We do offer the complete set up to fit your AK47 pistol please see the additional items or this link below .

Please Note: This Pistol Stabilizing Brace is NOT A STOCK


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