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WA R47 Russian Red Style AK47 Rifle 762 x 39 Semi Auto , 100% new, Imported Semi auto gas operated carbine, The base rifle built at the Russian Izmash Arsenal & imported  for the US AK market , receiver marked made in Russia Izmash Arsenal, Saiga 762 x39 .Once in the US they are carefully converted into the legal AK47 format to comply with current  922R import regulations . All New & Featuring 16 inch Russian chrome lined threaded barrel with AK74  style muzzle brake/ flash hider . Beautiful Russian Red Style wood stock set with mathcing wood pistol grip . Other features are G2 Fire control , side mount scope rail and original Russian Factory markings . The rifle will take normal hi capacity magazines and AK 75 round drums . Comes with 1 -30 round mag and backed up by a 1 year warranty .

California Customers :: We will be glad to ship this item to CA. The rifle will have a mag lock installed. We will also disassemble the magazine to ship to your dealer as a Parts Kit. Please discuss the purchase as well as all details with your transfer dealer before ordering. Please add the rifle to your cart and then go to the California Legal section and add the AK47/74 Bullet Button option to your cart, this is also listed at the bottom of this page. Please Note: If you can not have the magazine shipped to your dealer as a Parts kit, we will remove the magazine for you before shipping your rifle. There are no discounts associated with this service.

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