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Waffen Werks AK 54 R Dragunov Style Carbine

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We are proud to announce that Atlantic will now be offering the Waffen Werks AK 54 R Dragunov Style Carbine rifle in the powerful 762 x 54r cartridge. The AK-54R rifles are built upon Category 1 (nice, minty, un issued) Romanian PSL rifle parts kits, using a special receiver that allows for the use of regular AKM type butt stocks and pistol grips. They also feature a correct, and fully functional, scope mount, installed on the left side of the receiver . The barrel is shortened to 16.5 inches, and is re-profiled, allowing the gas block and handguard retainer to be moved rearward, so that standard AKM length gas pistons (we use a Tapco stainless unit, which provides an extra 922r compliance part) and standard AKM type handguards can be used! The idea is simply to give the end user an AKM sized package that delivers the powerful punch of the 7.62x54R cartridge. This initial batch of rifles will feature a non-pinned Romanian PSL muzzle device, on 14x1 LH threads, K-VAR synthetic furniture, in plum, beautiful gun kote finish . The rifles will ship with 2 - 10 round mags .
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