News Flash: Orders may take 5-7 days to ship out. Contact your FFL dealer BEFORE placing the order. Complications due to FFL issues may incur extra shipping fees! Stay Safe & Wash Your Hands!

California Legal

WASR-10 UF-AK47 Rifle - Underfolder

Romanian AK47 WASR 10 Under Folding Rifle, 762x39 semi auto, Atlantic Firearms Exclusive.

Bear Creek Arsenal M4 AR15 Rifle

If your are looking for a Classic Military Style AR15 with a reasonable price and Lifetime Warranty this is a great choice.

Romanian AK-47 Rifle w/ Russian Red Furniture

Built with an original military surplus Romanian parts kit and just enough US made parts to make it 922-R compliant

PTR GIR .308 Rifle

These barrels are built with the proper Fluting and will work with the wide variety of .308 ammo on the market today.

  California has some of the heaviest restrictions in the US! Here at Atlantic we understand what its like to live in an oppressive state, so we continually do our best to offer our product lines in California legal configurations. Rifles like the AK47, AR15, and FAL can all be found here available for purchase! We have done our best to supply compliance kits and other compliance parts in order to make your Firearm California legal. 

Please discuss the purchase as well as all details with your transfer dealer before ordering.

It is your responsibility to be familiar with your current local gun laws BEFORE placing your order.
Please feel free to email us with questions you may have.

  • AR-15 10/30 Magazine IMAGE
    California Legal AR15 10/30 Magazine 2 pack ,The same size as a standard magazine but only holds ten rounds. California Legal A15 magazine & other states with a 10 round mag limit. Click image for details
    Price: $39.00
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  • G-3 10/20 Round Magazine Image
    HK G-3 10/20 Magazine 2 Pack .The same size as a standard magazine but only holds ten rounds. California Legal HK G3 magazine & legal in other states with a 10 round limit. Click Image for details
    Price: $35.00
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